Homeless with Pets

Homeless With Pets

Homeless with Pets:

  • Offers services and support to one of the most under-served of homeless communities
  • Helps homeless service providers and professionals working with people living homeless people who want to develop their understanding of the human-animal bond and who may need practical help with managing and accommodating people living homeless with animals

Help for people homeless with animal companions

For people living homeless in Sonoma County, CA Homeless with Pets will help, when it has resources with: 

  • free vaccine and wellness clinics, two to three times a month
  • distribution of donated foods for cats and dog
  • distribution of leashes, harnesses, collars, cat litter and litter trays
  • the promotion of animal welfare and animal well-being 
  • guidance to better manage animal welfare when homeless 
  • volunteer and internship opportunities for people living homeless as a route to developing vocational skills and employment.

Help for Homeless Services Providers

Homeless with Pets can help with:

  • developing policies and guidelines for integrating pets into your services the health and well-being of pets integrated into your services
  • working with pet owners and non-owners in your services so they can  appreciate the needs of the animals and the responsibilities of both groups of people towards each other and towards the animals involved
  • help with issues that can occur, for example, animal behavioral problems, owner's lack of awareness of others 
  • policies for Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals

Help for other agencies

Homeless with Pets has knowledge, expertise and networks in the arena of homelessness and companion animals and is available to help agencies think about the nature and strength of the human-animal bond, animal loss and ways to help homeless people with companion animals who present at their  services.


For homeless people and agencies we have a website of links and downloadable information to help direct clients to information e.g.about common insect problems; or where they might get free food.

We have a whole series of discussion papers and guidance sheets to help agencies to think about the policies they will need and resource implications as they add in access for animal companions to their service provision.