Homeless with Pets

It all began with a can of dog food...

It all began with being asked once too often for a can of dog food.  When someone wants only one can it's worth getting curious.  What does someone want with just one can ?  The answer was always the same.  Someone was very hungry and wanted to food to eat.

The small beginnings were carrying some protein and cereal bars, some fruit when it was available and sometimes drinks. 

As our events took off we would occasionally have donations of fruit or sandwiches to hand out.  We added Breakfasts with Pets into the mix of what we offered, events where breakfasts and snacks were served and people could hang out with their animals and talk to one another. 

Food In A Flash

Is our answer to people not getting food in sufficient quantity or quality who cannot travel into the various great places that provide food.  For some this is lack of transport or because they are bothered by other people.

We are taking food out to places where people congregate.

This a project element which is in its infancy  -  we are looking to get 4-6 meals a week into the community a combination of breakfasts and evening meals - to people who need them.

We are looking for people to donate prepared meals that we can carry out, to donate produce that we can turn into meals and for items that we can add to what we take out, like fruit.

Food In A Flash