Homeless with Pets

Dr Gillian Squirrell

The ideas person behind the founding and development of Homeless With Pets.  With a background in, amongst other things, homelessness, non-profit development and as a staunch advocate for social justice and social welfare she spotted a significant gap in services.  Provision for those for people living homeless with animal companions and began exploring the possibilities of a project.  She began with some investigative research listening to those living homeless.  She started distributing animal food, leashes, and other animal supplies.  She started talking with homeless providers about the importance and power of the human animal bond and running some small scale training events.

Over a couple of years, she developed a project, a sort of one stop shop for people living homeless with animal companions, and Homeless With Pets was incorporated in 2016 and received its 501c3 tax exempt status from the IRS also in 2016. 

Gillian and her colleagues at Square Cube do day to day management and administration for the non-profit.  The intention is the get Homeless With Pets from an all volunteer organization to one fully staffed by 2019.

The Board of Homeless With Pets is currently four people.  We are looking for new recruits.

Linda Lombardo - Homeless With Pets Board's Executive Director

Linda Lombardo is a forest therapy guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, the leading voice for forest therapy programs in the United States and Europe. ​Linda's also a certified life coach since 2002 through the Coaches Training Institute. ​She produces and hosts Voice of Evolution Radio, sharing the voices of those creating a more compassionate and sustainable world. This is her activism: opening doors to a deeper connection between the Human-made world and the more-than-Human world. Her commitment to Homeless with Pets lies in its mission statement: to offer compassion to both ends of the leash.

Lisa Tanaka

Over the years Lisa has worked and volunteered for a range of non-profits working with people living homeless, with women and children who experience violence and homelessness and with for adults with substance abuse issues. 

Homeless With Pets mission to serve both ends of the leash appeals to Lisa's desire to generate and strengthen compassion in our communities.  Along with Lisa's role as Secretary to Homeless With Pets, she is spending time developing her practice of sound healing.

Carolyn Epple - Treasurer

Passionate about

Laura Gonzalez

Very concerned with animal well-being.

Dr Cynthia Heiller - Veterinarian and the Licencee Manager for Homeless With Pets Vaccine and Wellness Clinics

Cynthia Heiller DVM has had a lengthy career working with animals, first as  vet tech and then as a veterinarian.  She also has her own kennels and works especially with German Wire Haired Pointers.
We've been especially grateful to Cindy for being the Licncee Manager for our Homeless With Pets clinic trailer.

Dr Lindsey Alaman BVM

Dr. Lindsey Alman is a small animal veterinarian practicing in Petaluma, California. She received her veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow in 2013. Lindsey grew up in Santa Rosa and loves working with large and small animals. She has a passion for volunteer work and has visited many countries in order to work with animals in need. Dr. Alman has a cat called “Simon” a rabbit “Peanut” and a dog “Madison.” In her spare time she enjoys running, most outdoor activities, and spending time with her family.          

Danielle - Vet Tech

Danielle said she always wanted to do something to help people living homeless with animal companions and for her the Homeless With Pets clinics allows her to realize this ambition.  Danielle has been working with us when we began talking about the free vaccine and wellness clinics.  She has been with us through all our stages of development, from when we were first running clinics off a couple of folding plastic tables, through the delivery of the trailer and having only a couple of clients to our 45+ bigger events. 

Keri - health professional for both ends of the leash: former vet tech and now registered nurse

Keri has been a volunteer with Homeless with Pets since early 2017. Keri  loves being a part of offering compassion for both ends of the leash, and being a part of this caring community. She understands the importance of animal companionship, and sees that in helping pets to be healthy, we are also helping their humans to be healthy.

Sheila Town- Volunteer Vet Tech

Sheila has an all round commitment to helping people who are living homeless.  She volunteers with the Homeless With Pets vaccine and wellness clinics making great use of her professional training and skills.  She will also be joining Homeless With Pets as they develop their new program, Button Up: Winter Warmth and Out Door Survival Gear.